Meal plans in the kindergarten

From January 2019

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

7.30 - 8.15

Kindergarten breakfast - Oatmeal or knekkebrød with toppings

Lunch - Sandwiches or hot meal 

Hot lunch provided each Tuesday, with vegetarian option


Afternoon snack - lunchbox from home and fruit with yogurt


Kindergarten breakfast: The kindergarten offers children a cold breakfast of either oatmeal cereal with milk and cinnamon or knekkebrød with a variety of toppings

Lunch:  The kindergarten provides the children with freshly baked bread or crisp bread (“knekkebrød”) with various toppings and vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, etc. Once a week, the kindergarten staff and children prepare a warm lunch. The menu varies, always with a vegetarian option. 

Afternoon snack: The children need to bring a healthy lunch and water bottle from home every day. Each group has a box outside its door for lunchboxes and another for water bottles.  The lunchboxes will be moved to a refridgerator in the mornings and the waterbottles will remain in the room for the children to use throughout the day.  

The kindergarten also offers a small variety of sliced fruit each day, an allocation of approximately one half banana/pear/apple per child.