Trondheim kommunes anbefalinger om når syke barnehagebarn bør holdes hjemme.

If your child is sick and will stay home, we appreciate a note before 9:30 a.m. to let us know, via e-mail or SMS/text message.

Your child’s well-being is the most critical consideration in the decision of whether a child should stay home.  If our staff thinks your child is not healthy enough to be at kindergarten, we will contact parents to discuss whether the child should be picked up.

We follow the recommendations from folkehelsa concerning how long a child should be home after an illness.  You can find this information here.


The primary rule stipulates that children should not receive medicine while at kindergarten.  There are strict rules regarding administering medicine at kindergartens.  There are exceptions but first parents are required to complete authorization for staff to be permitted to administer dosages.  In certain situations, parents will need to provide instructions on the proper administering of medicine.  

Our staff does not have authorization to designate doses of medicine, that is, we can only give schedule, pre-measured single dose amount.  Medicine will be stored in a locked room or cabinet, indicating that medicine requiring refrigeration cannot be kept at the kindergarten.


Children must remain home until completion of the first treatment is finished.  Please remember to notify staff if your child has lice so that other families in the kindergarten can be notified to check for signs of an outbreak.

You can find more information about headlice in the brochure here.