Confidentiality and Disclosure

Confidentiality and disclosure

Specific laws pertaining to kindergartens (barnehageloven) regarding confidentiality and disclosure apply to Birralee International Kindergarten.  These rules concern children, their parents and kindergarten employees who have responsibility to maintain confidentiality and avoid disclosure of personal information of others.  Personal information disclosed to the kindergarten is locked in the kindergarten for up to two years after a child has left the kindergarten.

All staff, including substitutes, enter a confidentiality agreement as a condition of their employment in the kindergarten.  Parents may encounter occurrences where staff must maintain confidentiality in possible day-to-day situations.

Kindergarten disclosure extends to one’s own children, but confidentiality dictates that information need not be disclosed where it concerns another child.  For example, when a child has been in a conflict with another child, you have a right to know details about your own child, but not about the child with whom your child had a conflict.  Disclosure to the school, pedagogisk/psychological services or other public service representatives occur only with parents’ agreement.