As parents at Birralee International Kindergarten, you contribute to making the kindergarten an enjoyable place for your child, for other children and for other parents and staff.  

To this end, we ask that you:

  • Keep yourself apprised of the kindergarten’s mission and plans

  • Maintain familiarity with the topics on the bulletin board and website and that you read e-mails

  • Discuss topics or concerns with staff in an effort to find cooperative solutions

  • Attend and participate in parents meetings, social activities and kindergarten events

  • Help to shape an inclusive environment

  • Willingly engage in kindergarten responsibilities such as serving as parent contact,  parents committee member and similar roles

In order for us to maintain pleasant and effective cooperation within the kindergarten, we are concerned with maintaining a good dialog with all parents.  We make an effort to avail ourselves to parents whenever it is needed.  However, please understand that staff must prioritize their responsibility to their work with the children above conversations with parents.  

Parents have a large influence on the follow-up with their own children.  With each conversation in which we engage with parents, we hope to come to an agreement about the best way to focus our attention on means to help their child develop further and thrive. We listen to parents’ comments and together we work to shape a framework that we can offer to support individual circumstances.  

Dialog between parents and staff falls into several arenas.  Generally, frequent topics include:

  • Daily drop-off and pick-up

  • Introduction conversations when a child begins kindergarten

  • Parent meetings twice per year or more often when needed

  • Parent-teacher progress meetings twice per year

  • Social events

We have open doors for parents who wish to visit the kindergarten and experience daily activities. You are welcome to visit when it suits your schedule best!