Nature and Fresh Air

Nature and fresh air

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We emphasize fresh air and outdoor play.  ‘Kindergartens shall enable the children to enjoy a variety of outdoor experiences and discover nature as an arena for play and learning.’ (Framework Plan, 2017)

Nature enhances children's creativity and fantasy.  They use their bodies and experience both challenges and solutions.  To be out in nature, at the water’s edge, in the forest, at nature playgrounds and at parks benefits children’s happiness and playfulness.

Each group at Birralee has a Trip Day once a week.  We visit unique locations in the vicinity of the kindergarten to help familiarize each of us with our city.  We use the tram and the bus to access areas further away in Trondheim.  And we go back again in different seasons to witness the changes each season has brought to nature.

We take responsibility for nature and believe that children who grow up enjoying more time and experiences in the outdoors are better equipped to take good care of our planet as adults.