Clothes for Daily Activities and Trondheim's Varied Seasons

Below we have listed clothes and outerwear that we would like the children to have available to them in their cloakroom.

It is very important that your child’s clothes and outerwear be clearly marked with their name!

We would like the outerwear to be taken home each Friday for cleaning and for parents to check frequently and thoroughly that all all items are in good condition (zippers, straps, buttons, etc.). Taking these items home each week from the cloakroom also makes it easier to clean the cloakrooms.

We encourage the children to dress themselves, with support from staff as necessary.

Below we have listed items your child should have available through the year.

  • Indoor Shoes - Sandals or running shoes with velcro closures. No laces please.
  • Gym Socks - Socks with rubber or non-slip soles for use in the gym. Normal socks are not acceptable because they slip when the children run on the slippery wood floor.
  • Boots - Waterproof, insulated rubber boots for rainy day outdoor playtime and trips.
  • Winter Shoes - Warm weatherproof boots for snow and sleet.
  • Snow and Rain Clothes - The children are outdoors a minimum of one hour each day, often in the snow, ice or rain. In our experience, snowsuits and snow pants are not sufficiently waterproof for rain days and rain clothes are not sufficient for freezing temperatures.
  • Mid-Layer Clothes - Provide wool or fleece sweaters and pants to wear underneath suits, jackets and pants when it is cold outside. Preferably wool or knitted garments, or fleece.
  • Hats, buffs and scarfs – More than one set of each is necessary so that children have something to change into if another set gets wet. They often play in water and wet conditions.  
  • Gloves and mittens – Please provide multiple sets of insulated gloves and/or mittens. We also ask for thinner gloves that the children can wear to eat their lunch outdoors during trips, when heavy gloves and mittens make eating difficult.
  • Extra/back-up sets of clothes – Pants, shirts, sweaters, socks and underwear all frequently get wet, again particularly when the conditions outside are wet. Please provide several sets of each and replenish them when necessary.