Apply for Place and Fees

Birralee International Kindergarten uses the collective application system of Trondheim kommune.  This means that you need to apply for a place at our kindergarten through an online application with Trondheim kommune.  

The application period for the main admission to start in August is from 1 January through 1 March each year.  For reference, we accept applications submitted through the kommune’s application portal throughout the year whenever we have places available.  

From 1 August 2019, the kindergarten has space available for children born in 2016, 2015 or 2014.

The application and information about the application process is available on Trondheim kommune’s kindergarten (barnehage) portal:



Birralee International Kindergarten has full-time space available beginning 1 August 2019 for children born in 2016, 2015 or 2014. All kindergartens must follow the allowed rate schedule. In addition, families incur a monthly fee for food and ingredients provided to the children daily.  Fees and costs are invoiced 11 months each year, August through June.  

Moderations are given according to Trondheim municipality rates and applied for through the kommune website ( Sibling moderation and reduced stay pricing due to low income are calculated on the basis of the officially established rates.


Full-time Monday through Friday

7:30 a.m. through 4:20 p.m.

Monthly fee:  2990 kr (fra 1 January 2019); 3040 kr (fra 1 August 2019)

Food/supplies cost: 400 kr