Our City, Trondheim

We are so fortunate that our kindergarten is located in the center of Trondheim.

Trondheim is a historic city.  Trondheim is a cultural city. Trondheim is the technology center in Norway.

From the kindergarten at Kalvskinnet we are on historic ground.
We are centrally located in Trondheim and, with easy access to buses and trams, we can quickly reach the regional forests and Trondheim's fjord.  

We can visit the poorhouse where Adrian Posepilt lived and begged to survive.  

We can visit Nirarosdomen and be overwhelmed just as Kristin Lavransdatter.  From there we walk to Marinen Park to play and, when we get thirsty, we can get ourselves a drink of water from Olav's Well.

Birralee is located a short distance from Bakklandet.  We stroll over Gamle Bybro (the old city bridge) and Lykkens Portal (gate of happiness) to Gåsaparken (Goose Park), where we can throw stones into Nidelva.

The next day we can walk to the wharf at Skansen and look at the boats or walk a ways further to a waterfront along all the newly designed buildings at Brattøra.  The waterfront walk from Gulltannaog to Skansen crosses over a canal via a swing bridge.  Alongside the swing bridge there is also a train bridge, which swings straight up in the air to open for boats, one of only three such bridges in the world and another of the city’s marvels.

Technology Center
The Science Museum is also located just a stones throw away from the kindergarten.

Together with Birralee International School, we have an annual ‘science week’ with visiting researchers from NTNU. We frequently visit both the Science Museum and the Trondheim Public Library (Folkebiblioteket), located just across the street.  As an example of our learning in progress, we visit a large tree located just west of the kindergarten and join hands around it to measure the diameter.

Cultural City
Trondheim Museum of Art is also located just a short walk across the street from the kindergarten.  We visited to view artwork and for an opportunity to create our own artwork in the museum’s studio.

In recent times, we have joined the UKA Festival, attended Advent services at Nidarosdoment, enjoyed the outdoor music at the Trondheim Jazzfest and experienced many other great moments while wandering through the city.